Monday, January 22, 2007

Women Choose to Control Our Own Bodies

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007
Today on this anniversery of Roe Vs. Wade, bloggers are asked to answer one simple question -- why do we support a woman's right to chose.

The answer is very simple. This is my body and I claim the right to do with it as I please. I will resist all attempts to legislate away my freedom to choose.

Yesterday was Right to Life Day for those who think every egg, sperm and embryo are so special they must be brought to full term. Over Right to Life weekend, 27 US soldiers were killed in Iraq. Their right to life wasn't so important to all the religionists and fundamentalist-pandering politicians. No, they are far more concerned with hapless unwanted embryos that were created by accident.

"Pro-Life" is false and misleading advertising, because those folks are not pro-life when it comes to executing people or sending young folks off to die in war. The only lives they care about are those blobs of invading cells that take over the female uterus.

There are six billion and counting human beings on this planet. Why the heck should we insist that countless more be born, especially those that are unwanted and unwelcomed?

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