Sunday, January 28, 2007

Town Meeting to Save the Highland Theatre

I had my doubts, but after attending a movie showing there this weekend, I'm leaning toward saving the theatre if possible. There's been some work put into the place over the years. It has a nice big platform stage down front and a night club/cabaret ambience at the back. It would be a nice concert venue if somebody made an effort to book some acts.

Why is it so difficult to create a sense of community? A community performing arts center is an idea that could help develop that sense of working toward and celebrating the common good. Providing a space where various community groups can meet and interact could only benefit the community. It might be the perfect place to try some Augusto Boal Forum Theatre.

I'm wondering about the financials. Will someone be writing grants? Will it go non-profit status? All communities should have something like this. Kenmore had one for a few months in an old church formerly called Benedictions, now for sale. Summit Art Space is growing into something substantial for the visual arts and theatre communities. It would be great to seee something permanent and community-positive grow out of the Highland Theatre.

If they can make a performing arts center happen, more power to them. Here is the info from the Highland Square Neighborhood Association web site:

Join the Highland Square Neighborhood Association for a

Town Hall Meeting about Saving the Highland Theater
& the possibility of a Community Performing Arts Center

Tuesday January 30 at 7 p.m.

at First Grace United Church of Christ
350 S. Portage Path

For more info, call 330-865-8422.

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