Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Iraq War

Bush gives us the one finger salute one more time. (For a look at the time he did it as governor of Texas, go here.)

At about 8:55 I turned the TV to mute and went upstairs for a long hot soak in the tub. I let go of the stresses and strains of the day and relaxed while a U$ president got on the air to tell us what everybody else knew he was going to say.

Just say No to "non-binding resolutions!" Stand up to the Big Bully!

Earlier tonight I was watching the House of Representatives on C-Span. It is an odd site to see the empty seats and just a few scattered reps there to get their on-camera moments to be inserted in the record. Wouldn't you love to see the rest of them? Why can't we? We pay them. They should be on-camera from the moment they clock in til the end of their congressional and senate days. It should be more like Big Brother -- that's it! Congressional Reality TV!

Nix on bathroom cams, however. Ewww. But a camera trained on the outside restroom door might get us some interesting footage. Who goes in there for an off-cam caucus and how long do they stay hidden! It would certainly highlight the gender gaps in both houses.

You see I'd rather think about anything tonight than what is going down in Washington, but I'm afraid I can't. The president is either mad or in complete and utter denial. What does the Constitution have to say about this situation?

Meanwhile as our duly elected representatives debate whether they have the nerve to stand up to this unintelligent and deluded person who is determined to see more deaths rather than face up to his mess.

What the hell are we doing anyway, blasting a country and people into bits? The planet is burning up and Bush wants to make it burn faster. Somebody -- please -- put on the brakes. Bring it to a halt.

No Iraq War.


microdot said...

Bush dude looked like he was zeked out on something last person I blog with claimed he looked like he was huffing carpet cleaner, I say the glossy dull blinking stare and impaired motor functions is more indicative of habitual abusive inhalation of motor oil performance enhancement additives like STP....
Any ideas or suggestions for the Generals when they perform the intervention? I say a strong coffee enema and then lock him in the shed for a few days! No more molly coddling these delinquents!

Village Green said...

This guy's on a power trip that's gonna crash and burn in more ways than one. At least with Nixon, we weren't worried for the safety of the planet.