Monday, January 29, 2007

Theatre reviews to return to the ABJ?

The buzz around the Village Green is that Kerry Clawson's byline might be appearing on some theatre reviews in the Akron Beacon Journal very soon. This is great news for local theatre people who have been ill treated since the purchase of the former Knight-Ridder newspaper by a Canadian by the name of Black. Black indeed has been the mood hanging over our local theatres who contribute far more than mere entertainment to our community. The theatre is, as Shakespeare said, a little world -- society in a microcosm. A place for us to gather in the dark and contemplate tragedy, comedy, or absurdity as well as lots of acting, singing and dancing.

The Beacon's cost-cutting action was a blatant slap in the face to the arts community of Akron, which is large and has become increasingly vocal. So keep writing the letters in support of Kerry Clawson's return and for regular reviews for all the local theatre companies, because the ABJ will only be allowing a few reviews here and there.

The arts are integral to our lives -- and the Beacon needs to hear about it in order to believe it.

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