Saturday, January 13, 2007

Theatre of War

What a heavy week it's been on the war front, with so much drama leading up to the anti-clamactic Surge & Sacrifice scene from the Oval Office. Like most news junkies, I was drawn into the story, only to realize that what we've experienced this week is not drama but rather tragical farce.

All the weeks leading up to the event, we were contstantly told that Bush and minions were examing all options and consulting with every possible agency of government and Pentagon that had anything to do with the so-called "Mission in Iraq." Meanwhile, the duly-elected representatives and senators began to sound more like a unified chorus in a Greek tragedy, expressing the fears and doubts of the common people -- rather than their usual role of jarring voices setting one side against the other.

But in the end, what a let down. The surge began before the official announcement and it will continue on because there is not a damn thing you or I can do about it. About 60 senators are showing some spine and many more representatives -- but not enough to over-ride a presidential veto. The power is still in Bush's inept hands.

Now we have threats, long brewing and now overt, against Iran and Syria, along with continued plotting to take over Iraqi oil deposits by Big Oil and all who profit from those corporations.

The only way I can see to change things at this point may have to begin assembling huge demonstrations all over the country and especially in Washington, DC. The Republicans in congress who continue to support Bush need to realize that their days will be numbered once Bush is gone. There is a rally planned for DC on January 27th. Are you going?

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