Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off to DC!

I'm heading to the Sherrod Brown bus very soon to begin the journey to DC. We're departing from Bedford, OH just a bit north of Summit County. I'm looking forward to hanging with a bunch of people celebrating all the hard work that paid off last November 7th.

I'm taking my laptop and expect to be blogging from the hotel late tonight and early Thursday morning. The digital camera is packed and I hope to get some good pics to share with you all.

I used to live in DC for a few years in the 70s and I'm looking forward to revisiting favorite old places like the Adams-Morgan area and perhaps a visit to the Folger Library.

As for Sherrod -- wow -- I don't envy him his job. What a lot of messes to be cleaned up and huge planet-shaking decisions to be made. All those years in the House should give him a boost up right away -- he knows the people and he won big in Ohio. I predict he's going to be a major player and that items on his agenda will appear before house and senate soon.

More as it happens!

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