Monday, January 01, 2007

ABJ Update -- Giffels takes leave

David Giffels announced in his column today that he is taking an extended leave to write a book. Good for him! Not so good for the reading public in Akron. I expect you have noticed how many of your favorite Akron Beacon Journal writers have either vanished or are writing much more than before. The paper is noticeably thinner and is mostly ads these days. The online content can be got through in a quarter of an hour.

So with Giffels gone, the only two listed local news reporters are Bob Dyer and Jewel Cardwell. Things sure must feel empty up there in the old newsroom. Checking on Elaine Guregian 's listing, I note that "theatre" is not listed as part of her title yet and that her theatre reviews still are not collected online under her name.

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