Thursday, January 11, 2007

Condoleeza puts on a scary show before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

C-Span is running the full testimony tonight and that's the best entertainment going. The senators are going at her and she is irrational about Iraq and belligerant in her words, tone and physical expressions. Her nose wrinkles as she paints polite sounding insults around Iran and Syria, as if she smells her enemies approaching. I suddenly understood. She will never reach out and achieve an act of diplomacy -- because she needs to have enemies. So does Bush. It's the age old excuse for invade and plunder.

In the middle of the hearing, a man held up a sign behind her: "OLD LIES" Condoleeza had no idea there was a sign there and it took a very long time for "security" to get to the protester who went limp and let them drag him out. This was captured beautifully by the cameras from several angles, all the while the protester shouted "More lies!" "All Lies!" with a final "Stop the War!" The Senator at the microphone politely stopped to let the words of the protestor ring through the chamber. It was wonderful theatre!

I hope it ends up on YouTube. I can't even find a news story about it, although I've had MSNBC on all evening -- didn't see it there either.

So here's an old but apt clip. Shudder in your shoes kids. Condoleeza scares me far more than Yvonne DeCarlo (RIP) ever did.

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microdot said...

Yvonne DeCarlo was the vampire mommy I always wanted...Condi is Night of the Living Dead! You don't want to clean up her debris trail when she comes traipsing through your living room!
She looks nastier and nastier every time I see her. She is practically the last neo con standing....
A blogger on my site today said that a group of congressmen are going around Bush Co. and starting their own talks with Iran and Syria because they believe that the present policy is insane.
It seems to be a bipartisan group.
We'll know more when Sean Hannity makes his next "Enemy of the State" award.