Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Live blogging the state of the union...

...from my living room couch. Watching MSNBC with Olbermann and Mathews hosting. Hillary Clinton put herself out there upstaging the president. Her campaign tactics so far are brilliant.

Everybody's commenting about how extraordinary it is that Bush must actually face a room full of opposition. Why did it take them 6 long years to see through him and his gang of looters?

Some one leaned over to say to Bush on his grand entrance, "I'm saying a prayer for your success." If we have to resort to prayer for success we are in deep trouble.

Bush sucks up to Nancy at the beginning. Now the speech begins with the camera shot at first showing more of Cheney's face in the back. The camera quickly shifts over and tries to seek an exact balance of Cheney on the left and Pelosi on the right.

Who writes the president's speeches, I'm wondering? The rhythm is growing obnoxious. Make a promise -- pause for applause. The surreality of the dark robed supreme court members down front giving off an air of some dark church ritual as they sit silently without clapping.

Meanwhile Cheney in the back looks like he is concentrating on whatever is passing along his digestive track. Meanwhile Pelosi's tongue and jaw seem to trace patterns of word trains that will be let out loud once the speech is finished. She does a good job of containing obvious emotional facial responses.

Bush has gone through a litany of fat-ass capitalist pig jargon. I'm struck by the idea that rampant capitalism is the ideology that has brought us to the brink of global disasters. To make more money, new markets must always open up. Opposition to birth control and abortion is all about shoving more and more hungry consumers on to more expensive plots of real estate, struggling in factories to produce cheap goods to sell sell sell.

Now the bogey men are trotted out and Bush the Commander in Chief tries to convince the unconvinceable. Who wrote this crap? Oh clever insert -- "I ask you to support our troops in the field and those on the way." His writers knew he needed an ego boost right about then.

Condi's hawkish scan from side to side to see who is cheering loudest for her boss and who is sitting on her/his hands. Meanwhile, all the upping and downing of the audience must be taking a toll on the elder statespersons in attendance.

Well thank dog for the NBA for providing us with a genuine celebrity to tower over Laura Bush and relieve the tedium. It's been on an hour now and I'd rather be doing other things. Sorry to not stick it out until the end, but it all seems such a waste. The speech, the war, the last 6 years of runaway republican greed.

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microdot said...

Did you see Mike Webbs rebuttal? I saw a web version of it and then read the text...short to the point and it was real oratory! The man has been in office for what? 5 weeks and he rocks!
I saw stills of McCain nodding off during the speech. Off his meds again?
The coverage in the French media was brutal, the man has no respect anywhere anymore....
There was great cartoon in the Courier International today of a huge demented ape like Bush playing with nuclear missels mumbling about noocleer terrorists...that is what he has left, a legacy of well placed fear of an unstable power mad delusional idiot.
Steve Bell had a great cartoon in the Gaurdian which I posted this morning...I had photoshopped a picture of the pres which I posted and his demented little drawing of the Jolly Green Dwarf was the same prise de vue as mine!