Friday, January 05, 2007

Tilting at wind turbines and the White House

Forgot to put this image at the end of my last post. These are the wind turbines (not windmills as I posted earlier -- the phrase must now be changed to "tilting at wind turbines" I suppose) I saw on the bus ride back from Washington DC. They represent a breath of fresh air, the progressive movement toward problem solving rather than the conservative need to never budge.

CNN rebroadcast Nancy Pelosi's swearing in along with her speech and her gesture toward the future -- the welcoming of children up to her seat of power to lay hands upon the gavel. Very nice symbolism!

These are hopeful times, and it is especially heartening to have the Democrats standing up to the War in Iraq on day 2, nicely undercutting all the White House propaganda leading up to the long post-poned decision about to be dropped upon us by the Great Decider some time next week. The Dems say No to the Surge and the military report they can only muster up 9,000 maximum new troops when Bush is demanding at least 20,000.

Lots of protesting was going on in Washington the past few days. I saw a bunch of folks setting up for an anti-Bush event just outside the capitol building. Cindy Sheehan has been active along with many other anti-Iraq War groups. I met two people, parents of a young war resister by the name of Darnell Anderson. You can read his story of resisting assignment to Iraq here. They came to DC to lobby for their son's freedom. They opened my eyes to the large numbers of military and ex-military who are resisting this war in numerous ways. Check out this organization for more information: Iraq Veterans Against the War Deployed.

We all have to keep the pressure up in order to bring these young people home from the horrors Bush and his minions created in Iraq. George Bush proves every day how easy it is to stall and put off facing reality. He somehow doesn't think the election last November was any kind of message to him personally.

Will we all have to go back to Washington to protest by the millions in order to stop the madness?

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microdot said...

It sounds like an exciting time. You must have been proud to be a witness to what could be the beginning of a great change!
I think, though, that this is the happy beginning to a really tough battle. When I saw the press photo of the Bush Government with the new line up (re arranged deck chairs on the Titanic) I get the feeling that these are desparatly ruthless people and capable of anything.
Condileeza is beginning to look quite mad. The Iraqi Ambassador who is going to be named as US Rep to the United Nations is a man who almost makes John Bolton look like a Pussy cat! He was one of the suppliers of "intellignece" that led to the war. He also was a rabid Taliban supporter until 9/11.

I just saw a new model of wind turbine that is horizontal and much smaller. The perfect thing for a private home or farm!