Thursday, January 25, 2007

Demon Alcohol

Here's your late night Thursday Kinks-related video. It's an oddity -- a 70's animated cartoon set to a version of "Demon Alcohol." The wonderful Kinks song was always a huge cabaret performance hit in concert, with Ray balancing the beer bottle on top of his head. The tragic musical theatre tones are still in this version, but for some reason the animators came up with a happy ending. For more info, check this post at YouTube.



microdot said...

I loved that animated piece and i love that song! I saw the Kinks perform it in Detroit during the Everybodyy's in Showbiz period. I have been listening to a MOJO magazine Ray Davies tribute CD called The Modern Genius of Ray Davies with covers by performers as diverse as Yo La Tengo, Fountains of Wayne and Mudhoney. It came with the March 2007 issue of MOJO. There was a Ray Davies interview in which he tells the amazingly creepy story of how they were on tour in America in the mid 60's in Chicago and the concert promoter was none other than John Wayne Gacy who put them up at his house after they played and made Dave feel distinctly uncomfortable, if you know what I mean.
When I played guitar in Mr.Bubble in NYC in the 80's, I think one of my unconcious influences was Dave Davies. I always was happiest playing squawky skronky solos that were as immediate and as to the point as his in You Really Got Me!
Are you in Washington this weekend?

Village Green said...

No I'm not in DC this weekend, alas. Too much work here to get away. My No Iraq War sticker is still on my vehicle and so you might say I've been visibly protesting now for years. It is outrageous that Bush is going forward while 70% of the country are opposed to him and his policies.

It is so cool that you are a Kinks fan and you found this web site. I must say I am thoroughly enjoying reading The Brain Police and learning bits and pieces about your life. You are very lucky to be living where you are. It is no fun living in Amerikkka these days, not at all.