Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Here it is the 2nd week of January, and my dog has gone into full coat shed. He is what I call a Huskador Retreiver, with a thick arctic coat that fills in beautifully during the winter and then spends the rest of the year shedding all over everything. So I'm observing the big clumps of hair tufting and ready to fall onto the floor and Oberon is asking me, please -- stop staring and let me go outside for awhile. Oh my goodness! I open the door and it is snowing! Big flakes and lots of them. Oberon plunges out into his element and comes back looking like this:

I rush to the computer to check weather.com -- light snow is the current forecast. Only 1" total by morning. Thursday we'll be back to sunny with a high of 46 degrees. I'm not a big fan of snow and it certainly feels strange to be rooting for it, but dammit -- the ground has got to freeze sometime before spring officially arrives. My garden is counting on it.


KevinBBG said...

Weather is strange everywhere,, it's an El Nino year, and some experts think that due to global warming El Nino might become permanant.

85 degrees here in SoCal today, supposed to 57, as the high, on Thursday. 57 is our usual overnight low in the winter.

microdot said...

Ah ha! Oberon! Great dog!
Blogger was totally screwed yesterday for me, It must have started working after i went to bed.
Strange news, a government agency definitely admitted that there was global warming caused by human activity. I read this in the NY Times this morning...finally, now do you think Bush will go see An Inconvenient Truth?
Hope your cold is better. It's over 60 here today and the sun finally came out for a few hours, long enough to put the wash up to dry...I just checked the 10 day forecast and rain and above freezing every day. So we've had maybe 2 weeks of nights with frost all winter. Oficially the warmest winter ever recorded in France!

microdot said...

Huskador, eh? JJ is a Border Tiekle.
(Border Collie and Daschound, don't ask)

Village Green said...

Here we are communicating from far parts of planet, comparing the effects of climate change. It is one of the few hopeful elements in the mess we are in -- common people speaking up, talking in ways our so called "Leaders" can never seem to do.

Just remember kids -- just say No to Plastic Bags and Reuse - Reduce - Recycle! It's a very good way to begin and take personal action.