Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Mashup

I'm down with a cold. Ohio State is down by one touchdown. I'm wrapped up with blankets, with laptop, dog and cat for company. Not a whole lot of energy for blogging tonight. So let me point you toward some interesting reading.

Here's an article from last week's Washington Post on how climate change appears in gardens in the DC area. Former "tender" plants now flourish, while others suffer from the warming trend.

My favorite gardening blog, This Garden is Illegal, has the scoop on Walmart's push to go Green. The bottom line has bottomed out, methinks, and Walmart will do anything for positive PR.

God is 4 Suckers has a report on a British cardinal trying (and failing) to attack atheists, calling us "Christophobes!"

The Wooster Group is premiering a new work:
"The Wooster Group's HAMLET, directed by Elizabeth LeCompte, reconstructs
a hypothetical theater piece from the fragmentary evidence of Richard
Burton's "Hamlet", a 1964 Broadway production which was recorded in
performance and shown as a film for two days only in 2,000 U.S. movie
houses. The idea of bringing a live theater experience to thousands of
simultaneous viewers in different cities was trumpeted as a new form
called "Theatrofilm". This HAMLET attempts to reverse the process, like
an archeologist inferring an improbable temple from a collection of ruins."
And if you are going to NYC -- be sure to check here to see where Dred Scott will be playing. I see a gig listed for February 22nd at Lincoln Center with Richard Julian! Woo woo -- way to go Dred!

Half time here and it looks like Ohio State is fading fast. So am I. Good night all!

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