Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kerry's Back!

The review of Carousel's Beehive in today's Akron Beacon Journal featured the byline of Kerry Clawson. Welcome back, Kerry and here's to more theatre coverage from our only local paper. We are so fortunate to live in a community that supports so many arts groups. What a terrible shame that the Akron Beacon Journal chose to make us look like do-nothings living in a cultural vacuum.

If you are pleased to see Kerry writing theatre reviews, please send a letter or email to the features editor and say so. The editors need to know that folks around here care just as much for drama and symphonies as they do for sporting events. And until the ABJ relents and lets Kerry cover all the theatre that she used to, you can check out her blog from Stage to Page here. Kerry's been writing about the new NBC reality show in which the leads to a new B'way production of Grease are being selected over the course of a long auditions process.

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