Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Working Man's Cafe to be given away with the Times

The newspaper and music industries are teaming up in a most unusual way. Ray Davies new CD is going to be released -- for free! On October 21st, the Times will be giving away a million and a half copies of Working Man's Cafe with every paper sold.

Oh to be in England!

Read the details here. You can also download Vietnam Cowboys, a preview track at the Times Online. Note the Cleveland reference in the refrain:

You better top up your suntan
Otherwise your skin's going to turn to leather
We'll make a movie in Vietnam
The tax break necessitates we're going to shoot on location
The rug says made in Korea
Manufactured in a factory using cheap labor
And all over Asia
The third world's becoming a major league player

Mass production in Saigon
While all the workers laid off in Cleveland
Hot jacuzzi in Taiwan
With empty factories in Birmingham
Now it's babyboomers in Hong Kong
Playing cowboys in Vietnam
Access the Times Online here. Note that you have to register to get the download.

And how thrilling it was to hear You Really Got Me played at the end of last night's ALCS Indians win over the Red Sox!

Here's a little vintage Ray to keep us going until Oct 1.

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