Tuesday, October 09, 2007

GOP Freak Show

I wonder how many people chose to watch the GOP presidential candidates debate tonight. The theme was "business matters." It's like watching a convention of used car-salesmen. They each have their individual quirks and twitches, but underneath they are all operating under the same motivating principle -- more money for the few rich white guys and less for the rest of us. And if they have to do that by selling us a few lemons, well don't worry -- it'll trickle down in the end.

Romney is trying to be Mr Flash (see Kinks: Preservation Act I & II), all charm and wealth. Huckabee's eyebrows dance about as his voice drips with sincerity. McCain's eyebrows never move, but his eyelids jump up and down as if giving out some kind of Morse code in counterpoint to his spoken words.

Brownback looks like he is smelling something rotten somewhere close to his proximity. Hunter seldom is asked anything, while Tancredo's words stumble out over his tongue. He needs to put more time in rehearsing his various riffs.

Ron Paul sinks his teeth into subjects and shakes them about like a rat terrier. Too bad he's such an idiot about a woman's right to control her own body.

Republicans are "Pro-growth and pro-life." They are proud of their dinosaur mentalities. They are motivated by greed and the need to encourage excessive consumption in order to make more money.

Oops, looks like I forgot to say anything about the former mayor of NYC. Here, I'll let him speak to you:

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