Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another senseless school shooting

Reading about the school shooting in Cleveland today, I was immediately struck by the horrible fact that the school had been without a proper security guard for two years. There was a guard for the administrative offices, but none for the main entrance. Staff had been pleading for a guard, but nobody would spend the money.

Every school should have some kind of emergency plan in place, but more than that -- in this day and age, not having a locked entrance operating on a buzzer system with video camera in place is asking for trouble.

Is your child's school secure enough to make you feel OK about leaving them for the day? The school in Cleveland was for the best and the brightest students. No one thought a suspended student would come in with two handguns blasting. Nobody ever wants to think that. Better to pretend it won't happen so we don't have to pay a guard a living wage.

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