Friday, October 05, 2007

MLB meets Fear Factor

I am not watching the game tonight. I am listening to it, because I cannot bear to look at all those mosquitoes feasting on ball players' necks and faces. After a few shots of players spraying themselves with repellent, the bugs were thicker than ever.

Whoever heard of days and days of high 80s temps in October? Or swarms of insects round your face as you try to carve your harvest pumpkin? It's the bitten boys of October this time around and a post-season brought to you by global warming.

Meanwhile the game is a classic knuckle-biter now in extra innings. Bases loaded in the 10th. Shoot -- nothing doing. On to the 11th. Go Tribe. And while I'm thinking about it, Le Bron -- that was a stupid thing to do, wear a Yankees hat to the opening game of the series. Yeah, so you've been a Yankees fan since you were a kid -- so what. I prefer the National League and the SF Giants are my team, but I sure wouldn't go against the Indians at home. Especially not if I were the number one player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It lacked class, and seemed a bit out of character for King James -- unless of course he's contemplating a move to the Big Apple at some point in the future.

The logo above is from the semi-pro team called the Cleveland Mosquitoes. Stats available here.

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Village Green said...

Most accounts of this story describe the bugs as midges not mosquitoes, which is a good thing, I guess.