Friday, October 12, 2007

A Professional Development Weekend

I'm in Cincinnati for the weekend, staying at a hotel for two nights. Having spent four days in NYC very recently, I am in a bit of shock walking into this hotel room. In NYC, the hotel room was so small there was barely enough room to turn around in and there were precious few amenities. No phone, a narrow hard single bed and the bathroom was across the hallway. But it was cheap and it was convenient, and it did have air conditioning and a tiny refrigerator.

I thought this one in Cincinnati would also have a frig, but alas -- no. I brought some vegan food stuffs along so I wouldn't have to worry about finding an appropriate place to eat my meals. Guess I'll have to keep the salsa and vegan cheese in the ice bucket!

This room I'm in tonight is so huge my living room could fit in it. The bed could sleep three adults or six kids, but tonight is all mine. Unlike my NYC flop house, this place has wireless Internet and all kinds of business class attractions like a work center and a fitness room. The best thing about this hotel room, however, is that I am not paying for it!

I'm in Cincinnati for a weekend of professional development in which I will learn how to set up an inquiry into a problem in theatre education. It is an opportunity to combine my two favorite subjects -- drama and science -- to enhance my teaching skills for the benefit of my students. It's a two year project and involves several weekends a year in Cincinnati. So I guess I better get used to this opulent if not downright ostentatious hotel room.

After tomorrow's all day training, we are going to see a production of Othello at the Playhouse here. Looking forward to that very much. Hope to get some pictures of the city as well -- this is only my second visit to Cincinnati, although I've lived in Ohio a good part of my life.


Dave P. said...

Have fun -- if you need any tips on where to go, give us a yell (dave at pike27 dot net)

Jill said...

sounds great! Great to hear about your interest in theater - I don't think I realized that. I was a real drama geek in high school and college. Still love it but don't go nearly enough. maybe a new year's resolution.

Village Green said...

Thanks for the offer, Dave. I had no time to go adventuring in your old city. I will be going there several more times this year and next. Hope to take a day or so off for one of these trips to do some touring about. The city is very beautiful at night driving in from the hotel in KY.

Village Green said...

Thanks for stopping by Jill and I'm glad to hear of your theatre interest. There is certainly a lot of good stuff up your way. CPT is just about my most favorite place for theatre in Ohio.