Monday, October 08, 2007

Post season takes over my life

Don't expect long blogging entries as the play-offs continue on. This is not the middle of summer, a time when baseball on the radio becomes the soundtrack playing behind days spent working in the garden.

In October, every game and every pitch, is of the utmost importance. There's no use trying to sit at a computer and rant about politicians ruining the land. Instead, we must plant ourselves firmly in front of the television, with plenty of cushions to clutch and squeeze as tensions mount. A beverage or two close at hand, we yell at the umps and cheer every Yankee strike out.

Now -- three days to get things done before another series begins. Oh wait -- the NLC begins Thursday and the Rockies vs the Diamondbacks is a very intriguing match-up, plus National League baseball is so much more interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, go Tribe!

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