Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mike Gravel live tonight on the web

We interrupt the continuing review of songs from Ray Davies' Working Man's Cafe to send you a Mike Gravel update. He is being excluded -- wrongly -- from the debate tonight, but has made arrangements to do a web cast at the same time as the MSNBC debate and will be answering the same questions put to the candidates.
Tuesday, October, 30, 2007

Village Green

Even if you've read this, it's worth repeating.

Corporate censorship has taken over the Presidential race. I have
been excluded unfairly from the MSNBC Debate at Drexel University
this Tuesday. Why? GE owns MSNBC and NBC. Last minute, they
claimed I did not raise enough money.

I won't stand for this in my country!

Join me for this truly historic event, tonight! LIVE.

I am broadcasting via WebCast tonight from Philadelphia
across from the debate site at Drexel University and I will be
answering many of the same debate questions that Hillary and the
others are answering at the MSNBC debate. So join me on the web
at 6pm PT, 7pm MT, 9pm ET at http://Gravel2008.us/LIVEDEBATE
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If you live in the Philadelphia area, I will be at World Cafe Live
http://www.worldcafelive.com with hundreds of supporters and
anti-war protestors to protest GE (the owner of MSNBC and NBC) and
corporate media censorship in this election. Join me at "World Cafe
Live" -- doors open at 8:30pm ET.

Even if you have donated to my campaign, I urge you to donate
again. I need you to take a stand with me today. According to
NBC, money talks. Let's show them we can speak up!

Yours in gratitude,
Senator Mike Gravel
http://Gravel2008.us/LIVEDEBATE -- link good for tonight only

Official Mike Gravel 2008 Campaign | P.O. Box 948 | Arlington, VA 22216-0948

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ryanshaunkelly said...

Gravel kucinich paul nader perot carter [conyers?] united for truth elicit fear smear blacklist.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts.

No more extortion blackmail bribery division.