Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Come Dancing" in development at the Theatre Royal

I'm still struggling to catch up with work and real life after four rollicking days in NYC. I've got pix to share of the DUMBO Art Festival, NYC trash practices, and other amazing visuals plus a play review -- but some breaking rock and roll theatre news trumps all:

The long talked of (and wished for by this fanatic) production of Ray Davies' large scale musical called "Come Dancing" is in development at the Theatre Royal East Stratford.


Music and Lyrics by Ray Davies, Book by Ray Davies, Terry Johnson and Paul Sirett

Ray Davies of The Kinks fame has set this large-scale musical in 50’s London, where we see the world though the eyes of young Terry and his big sister Julie. She loves dancing at the Ilford Palais but with the community fast changing it is clear things will soon never be the same again. Ray’s hit song ‘Come Dancing’ is the one classic in an otherwise completely original new score.

No dates posted, not even a summer or fall season type designation. However, this is the most firm notice we've had about this musical in the works for so many years. I'm holding on to my bonus days in case it should open during the school season. I signed up for the Theatre Royal's email newsletter so I can be one of the first to book a seat.

The Theatre Royal looks like it is a progressive theatre organization. Home to Joan Littlewood and her left-wing theatre company for many years, it is currently focused on developing new work, with a multicultural, socially aware perspective. Now playing -- Genet's "The Blacks."

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