Saturday, October 06, 2007

People Makes Crazy

When Japanese audiences listened to Pimp the Cat the response was overwhelmingly positive. One new fan wrote, "When people listens to your CD, people makes crazy." I'm going crazy over it too, listening to the band's latest release, "People Makes Crazy." Streaming audio of some tracks from the CD are available here.

Pimp the Cat's music is a melding of four very talented musicians with diverse tastes and influences. They feed on the grooves of jazz and progressive rock. The tunes take you on long journeys, jams that pull you in and along for an incredible ride. Very visual stuff, which is the way I like my music. I haven't seen these guys live yet, but I note that there are some upcoming shows in NYC:

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
BB King's Lucille's
Times Square
New York, NY

December 1st Saturday Night,
the late set at The Bitter End 147 Bleeker Street West Village

Dred Scott, the keyboardist, spent some time in Akron, attending the university and studying with Pat Pace, the legendary Akron jazz pianist. I met Dred one night at the Bauhaus on Main St. He was in a band called Third Plane, along with guitarist Wilbur Krebs and percussionist JoJo Brigandi. No Akron band ever equaled their brilliance. I hadn't listened to much in the way of jazz until I met them, but I got hooked. Third Plane was jazz and beyond. They'd transform themselves into alternate bands, and all forms of music were fair game.

Every Wednesday, I was down at the club for Third Plane night. Eventually I became their "manager" and publicist, and they let me perform my little acts of performance anarchy in between sets. Meanwhile, the band was constantly creating new music, that engaged all the senses with an artistry that could and still does take my breath away.

I treasure the years they were in Ohio. The band moved to San Francisco, and then became tri-coastal. I keep hoping for a big reunion show here in Akron one day. Meanwhile, I keep going to NYC to hang with Dred and hear his latest music.

When not playing with Pimp the Cat, Dred plays with many other musicians and groups, including his own Dred Scott Trio. His MySpace page is here and you can order from his back catalogue of amazing CDs here.

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microdot said...

I have heard Pimp The Cat before and found them to pretty exciting and off on their own track!
I just returned from my 14 day grape harvest...a real experience!
I found your reports from NYC to be very nostalgic...I plan to visit for a week next month...lucky for me, I don't have to pay for a postage stamp sized hotel room!
I'm always amazed at what is still there as far as clubs go, things change so fast now usually a restaurant I recommend to someone from my last visit is out of business by the time I go again!