Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Missing Pho

It's been 17 days and I'm jonesin for a Pho Phix.

Come back soon! My days seem disoriented without checking in at your Akron Pages. The daily ABJ is not enough, although the return of David Giffels is heartening for those of us who live in Akron because we actually like it here and have an innate fondness for Rubber City and its culture, if not climate.

Meanwhile, there's always The Chief Source, with more comments in a day from readers than I can hope to earn in a month.

Terra, Not Terror continues to focus on environmental issues -- and I'm so glad she does all that research and shares it with us. I'm now entering those months of the year in which I am far too busy to keep up with everything I'd like to, so thank you Terra -- your blog is a must-read for Akronites and everybody else.

Accidental Akronite and Radio Free Newport provide a fresh look at our city, through the eyes of newly arrived residents -- and we are so glad they are here.

For the scoop on everything local, there's no blog like Eric Mansfield's Have I Got News For You. If you want transparency in news reporting, be sure to check this one out. It can get downright gripping, when our local television reporter is on the trail of breaking news.

Someone who doesn't write nearly as often as I'd like to read him is Red Horse at Psychobilly Democrat. Same goes for Kerry Clawson at her Stage to Page blog, but we know she is focusing on her own upcoming production!

And while not actually residing in Akron, she's close enough to count -- and she's my mom! She was the first blogger in our family and I probably wouldn't have gotten interested in it if she hadn't begun her Cotswold Corner blog, from the heart of Granger Township in Medina county.

My apologies if I have left off any other important and entertaining Akron blogs. That's why I am missing Pho -- he's the one who finds everybody else and draws us into the local blogosphere. We miss you, man!

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Dave P. said...

Thanks for the shout-outs. We're glad to be here!