Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Working Man's Cafe available via iTunes

I couldn't wait for my order to arrive from the UK. Once I found out that I could download Ray Davies new release, it was click click and all last night spent in listening to the new tunes. I hope to post a full review over the weekend. By then I should have the hard copy with printed lyrics to reference. The only posted lyric from this new CD is Vietnam Cowboys, which can be found at Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site. Right now I'm still absorbing and responding to the work. I can tell you that the brilliance of voice, lyrics and music continues to grow brighter than ever, which is great news and inspiration for all of us who can remember -- back in 1965 -- the first time we heard Well Respected Man on the radio.

My favorite way to get into new music is while driving. There's something about that car stereo that gives the music a heightened immediacy not so easily obtained from an iPod or home stereo. Fortunately, I have a long drive planned for Saturday, down to Berlin, OH, an annual quest for fabric and I can't wait to pop that CD in and blast away all down the highway.

I can tell you that the standout songs for me so far are Working Man's Cafe, The Voodoo Walk, and In a Moment. Most controversial may be Hymn for a New Age, in which the singer doesn't believe in "God" but wants something to look up to. "I believe I want to pray but don't know what to." One always has to tread with caution when interpreting any RD song. The temptation is to say this is his actual view of the world, when so many times he is writing about characters outside himself.

New Orleans resonates throughout the album. The music, the city and its people, and Ray's recovery from a shooting incident that took place in the city are referenced. The album, produced in Nashville with American musicians, is very much about the US, and yet-- there is no official release date for Working Man's Cafe in this country.


Dave P. said...

I'll look forward to the full review. I loved his last solo album.

microdot said...

My appetite is whetted! We love Ray Davies! I have never heard him make a wrong move. I even loved the latter day Kinks....but I love the klassik Kinks forever. I remember seeing them at Detroits Cobo Hall whe the Everybodies in Showbiz record was out in the early 70's and earlier at the Grande Riviera when Arthur was released...their first American tour after they got themselves banned by the American Musicians Union in the mid 60's for some legal technicality.

I will pan a record...Neil Youngs new one... I heard it in it's entirety last night on RTL here in France and please Mr. Young...stop making records, just let me remember you when you rocked and could write great songs!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you link the upcoming in-depth review on the Kinks list.serv, so I know when to look for it.