Thursday, October 04, 2007

An elephant in Brooklyn and other NYC sights

Some images from a memorable weekend in NYC.

My hotel was conveniently located on W 71st, only two blocks from the subway and only $70 a night. Real bargains can be found if one can get over the American tourist need for bigger and more extravagant. I didn't care that my room was no bigger than a postage stamp and that the bathrooms were shared. There are far more interesting places to be in NYC than in a hotel room.

Two "miraculous" appearances of Jesus in NYC -- one in Times Square and the other on beans in the subway.

I wish I'd had more time to spend at the DUMBO (Down Under the Metropolitan Bridge Over Pass)Arts Festival. Every building seemingly was stuffed with artists' studios and all were open for public inspection. Live music and performance art could be found on every street, which were jammed with people.

The pink Found fliers were posted everywhere in and around the festival streets. You will note that nothing is listed as actually having been "found," so the deduction is that it is either a religious come-on or a work of interactive performance art.

This poor elephant had just been run through his tricks when we came upon him and his handlers. I will not go to any circus that has elephants as part of its "entertainment." They obviously are not happy captives. Those sharp-hooked prodding and controlling devices that humans use upon elephants say everything we need to know about this exploitative relationship.

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