Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

"Up" being the operative word here, as I drove up I-71 from Cincinnati to Akron. today. The long drive was made ever so much more bearable by listening to the Browns keep the Dolphins winless. First time I've driven to the Queen City, the other two times were bus trips.

It's a long lovely rural stretch from Cincinnati to Columbus. Great big harvesting contraptions were eating up acres of field corn all along the way. Lots of carbon dioxide being belched out of those behemoths, upping the environmental cost of whatever the corn is used for -- from ethanol to pig production. (Petroleum is also used to make pesticides which get sprayed on the corn and eaten by those pigs.)

Speaking of pig production, I had to close the windows at several points along the journey, the old familiar smell of pig farms came back to haunt me. (Growing up in rural Ohio, my school bus drove past a pig farm twice a day -- we all yelled EWWWW every time.) What a shame people actually eat those delightful and intelligent creatures.

Not a single windmill along the journey, signifying a lot of talk is going on by our state politicians but precious little action. Ohio is fiddling while Greenland melts. Instead I saw two billboards proclaiming these, and a barn roof facing the highway painted with one of these.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your remarks about pigs. I personally think eating pork is only a short step away from eating dogs.