Saturday, September 01, 2007

Get Ready for the Fall Solar Energy Tour

September arrived today, along with a post card from Green Energy Ohio announcing their annual Ohio Solar Tour, to be held October 5 - 7. The tour will include hundreds of sites featuring solar, wind, biomass, green design and energy-saving technologies, organized into guided and open house tours that are free and open to the public.

There will be an Akron-area tour on Sunday, October 7th. You can take a virtual tour of green energy sites throughout Ohio via the GEO web site, but you must register to enter the site. Once in, I took a look at the three sites listed for Summit County and was shown a private residence in Akron that has solar panels on both the roof as well as additional panels placed in the yard. From there, I was steered toward Cuyahoga Falls which has installed solar panels to light bus stops around the city as well as on three of its schools. The third Summit site is the Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath with a passive solar designed building that on the coldest day in winter has maintained 83 degrees inside.

Looking around the state, I see that Cuyahoga and Franklin counties have 30 sites to visit each. The Toledo area has 11 sites and Lorain has 8, and then a smattering of sites here and there, while most of Ohio's counties are still waiting for green energy to appear in buildings either private or public. Meanwhile all that untapped energy keeps falling to the earth:


terra said...

That was a cool video. I am definitely taking the solar tour.

Here's a good video about how much energy we use. It's a bit of environmental fear-mongering, but it provides some tangible examples of energy usage.

Village Green said...

Hey Terra! What's been going on over at Terra, Not Terror? I was sorry to see that some people have evidently been making inappropriate comments at your blog so you had to shut them off for awhile. That really sucks. Have you considered turning on Moderate comments for awhile?