Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Special Comment for Keith Olbermann

Dear Keith,

You rock! You were in top form with your "special comment" last night that focused on the current ruling Bush's unabashed hypocrisy. In case you missed it, W's handlers got him into and out of Iraq safely over the weekend, which all goes to prove that the surge is working and all candidates for president from both parties will feel compelled to keep US forces in the Middle East and Iraq indefinitely.

It isn't at all easy to capture the viewer, when you sit framed in a head and shoulder shot, teleprompter rolling in front of you and the minutes are ticking by. There's no action here -- or is there? The eyes are piercing and the voice pounces upon the words, which are masterfully put together, a perfect match for Mr Olbermann's delivery.

Listen to it again as Keith's vocal cords resonate truth to power:

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