Sunday, September 09, 2007

Answers to Akron Rocks Quiz

If you didn't take the quiz, go here first.

The sandstone from the Sharon Formation is found in the Old Stone Schoolhouse.

The grandiorite from just south of Boston is found in the base of the Simon Perkins statue, originally erected in Grace Park and moved to the University of Akron campus next to the College of Business building.

The Berea Sandstone was used to build St. Bernards. Inside the church, can be found the Carrara marble in various statues and other marble furnishings.

Some of the oldest stone material can be found in one of our more modern looking structures-- The Ocasek Building is faced with 1 billion year old Caledonia granite.

The oldest rocks in our city can be found in the paving trim at Cascade Plaza. Rockville Granite is a pink stone quarried in Minnesota. It is 1.7 billion years old -- and still going strong.

The beautiful pink and black limestone flooring can be found in our city's Municipal Building. Sorry, no picture of the exterior -- it was way too fuzzy.

And I didn't think to take a photo of the Key Bank building from outside. It is not particularly artistic and I was too excited by the fossils in the interior limestone clad lobby. Here's a photo of a fossilized coral in the Key Bank lobby.

More limestone containing fossils can be found on the other side of Main Street in the First National Tower lobby.

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Kyle said...

Interesting post. I had no idea about any of this. I need to pay more attention to this part of our city's history.