Thursday, September 13, 2007

More on Working Man's Cafe

Wow, I'd much rather think about this than the idiot president and his stranglehold on the majority:

The UK V2 site now has a notice about Ray's new album.

Ray Davies Returns With New Solo LP!
12 Sep 2007

Ray Davies Returns With New Solo LP
'Working Mans Cafe' released October 29th

Eighteen months after releasing his first ever solo album, Ray Davies is back with what promises to be one of the best albums of his incredible career. While last year's Other People's Lives was a lifetime in the making, this new album happened relatively quickly.

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and mixed in North London at Konk earlier this year, 'Working Mans Cafe' features 12 stellar songs written by Ray Davies and co- produced with Ray Kennedy. They assembled a crackerjack band of top musicians who breathe life into a wonderful collection of songs.

The 12 new songs are vintage Ray Davies and bears all the hallmark classic musical and lyrical insights we have come to expect from him. The album is infused with a transatlantic sound befitting Ray's close ties to the American south coupled with his well respected Englishness. From the first upbeat notes of the lead track 'Vietnam Cowboys', it is clear Ray has never sung better.

'Working Mans Cafe' is a wistful, humorous and poignant look at today, just what we have come to expect from one of Britain's greatest songwriters. Highlights are many and include the Preservation Jazz Hall sway of 'Morphine Song', the painful longing of 'Imaginary Man' and the
haunting emotion of 'One More Time'.

'You're Asking Me' and 'In A Moment' offer incredibly affecting pop while 'Working Man's Cafe' revisits familiar Davies territory - that yearning for an era gone by. Brimming with variety, 'Voodoo Walk' is a steamy stroll on the rock side.

'Where is the real world?' he asks on the album's final track after giving ample evidence throughout this impressive 12-song cycle that it lives within these grooves.


Dave P. said...

Thanks for the scoop on this. OPL was a great record.

Village Green said...

I wouldn't call the post a scoop by any means. All credit goes to the Kinks Preservation Society Fan email list and especially the moderator Neil. Another great place to go is Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site. There's a link there that gets you to joining the KPS.