Friday, August 31, 2007

God Save the Queen

For your Friday night punk rock pleasure -- and don't they look so young and ..not exactly sweet, but definitely fresh!


microdot said...

Gloriously vile! When I heard this first in 1976, I was forced to make some radical career decisions....

Now here in France, on Daturday evenings, my favorite TV show is called 7 jours de Groland.
Groland is a phony country with a language that is sort of like French.
It's a newscast that reflects reality in a cracked dada mirror.
The theme song of the show is
No Future! by the Sex Pistols and it's still so exhillarating!

Dave P. said...

A couple years ago, I was asked by the music editor at CityBeat (Cincinnati's alt weekly) to kick off a series called "The Record That Changed My Life."

My pick was "Never Mind the Bollocks" -- here's my take: