Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There's no getting over you - oo - oo

Habeas corpus -- not restored, Bush wins.

Mandatory extended rest time for combat troops -- no go, Bush wins.

We the people lose again. I'd like to just tune it all out until Bush is finally gone, but I'm afraid the world will be blown to bits between now and then if I don't keep paying attention. As if there is anything I can do to stop him. If the mightiest Democrats in the land can't, what can I do? Send more money to Democrats? Hell no. I've been deleting all their requests as fast as they come in.

This great and hallowed governmental system we are living in -- why is it so great? It seems to have become an excellent tool for the few to screw the rest of us.

And it really irks that such a moronic prating prick is the one who wins.


terra said...

I wish I could block it all out too. Sometimes I wish I could care more about Brittney Spears and her kids than about Bush and his cronies. Someday maybe we'll have leaders who are good, and we won't have to worry so much.

Violababy said...

Powerful blog. I'm developing a pessimistic view of the future. The more the years remove us from the original intentions of the founders, the more we will forget what they were. Already through luck or conspiracy our leaders have managed to lull most of our population into a deep sleep. It's as Orwell predicted. While he didn't predict a deadening consumer society, he did foresee in "1984" a population drugged with cheap popular culture deliberately manufactured by the Ministry of Truth. We see it here with hours and hours of OJ and Brittny on the news. When they shake themselves awake now and then people vote against their own best interests for showbiz candidates.

jurassicpork said...


You has a rather tart way of putting things, don't you? I was thinking that your mother Stephanie, who'd turned me on to your blog, was a young woman and you were a little girl trying her hand at blogging about puppies and daffodils.

Needless to say I was wrong.

It's funny how when you go to another blog, you find like-minded people. I, too, support Gravel (and you live in England? Interesting!) and delete all other requests for money from Democrats who only remember us when the coffers run dry. Suddenly our input counts.

But just try telling them in one poll after another that their approval rating is down to 11% (according to the latest Zogby poll) and they'll all snort and say, "We can't legislate by poll numbers!"

Which, technically, is true except that when you're talking about nearly 90% of a nation as vast as the United States saying that they hate the job you're doing, it can be considered mere prologue to a tectonic shift that will rock Capitol Hill come 2009. Needless to say, if these polls are any indication, you will see a lot of new faces in the 111th Congress come early January 2009.

jurassicpork said...

Oh. Akron, Ohio. Sorry. My bad.

So, how about Jim Gilmoor's untimely and not suspicious at all demise? (Whistling, trying to change the subject...)

Village Green said...

Jim Gillmore? I think you mean Paul Gillmore. There was a Jim Gilmore who was running as a Republican for president but dropped out over the summer. That's sort of a demise.