Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call 'em up!

Received via email recently, a message exhorting us all to call our US senators and congressperson to voice our commitment to ending the war in Iraq. I looked everywhere tonight, but couldn't find the email, so I don't know which exact lefty/progressive group to credit for promoting the tactic. I do believe that today, Thursday September 6th, was the target day for calling.

But I'm not saying "Drat, I missed it" and moving on to other things -- no, I think it is a good enough thing to do that one could take the time to call every single day until those who claim to represent us actually do just that.

So look up those phone numbers and put them on your speed dial list.

You can find your senator's contact info here. Don't forget to add Harry Reid, Democrat Majority Leader.

And for House of Representatives' information, go here. Remember to include Nancy Pelosi in those daily calls.

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