Monday, September 10, 2007

Working Man Cafe's track list

Welcome to all the Kinks fans who have been visiting here in search of information on Ray's upcoming release, Working Man's Cafe. (I know that cafe -- working women hang out there as well.)

According to a fan on the Kinks list, the album was recorded in Nashville with American musicians and was produced by Ray Kennedy, who may be the same Ray Kennedy who produced Steve Earle's album "The Revolution Starts...Now." The album is slated to be released on October 27th of this year!

A track listing has been posted on Wikipedia. Ponder these song titles and try to imagine brand new lyrics and tunes to go with each one.

1. Vietnam Cowboys
2. You're asking me
3. Working Man's Cafe
4. Morphine Song
5. In a moment
6. Peace in our time
7. No one listens
8. Imaginary Man
9. One more time
10. The Voodoo walk
11. Hymn for a new age
12. The real world


Jim Glanvill said...

I can't wait for this.
I have been a Kinks (Ray Davies) fan since the early sixties.
I recently saw Ray and the band at Southampton (May 30th) - what a show ! Tremedous - I was the idiot who squawked ou "I go to Blackpool for my holidays" when Ray had taken the band down low.
What a great night - I am still enjoying it now.

Jim Glanvill

Village Green said...

I can't wait either and isn't that funny because we are so used to waiting long long periods of time for Ray activity.

I envy our British cousins for all the recent Ray activity. I sure hope he does a tour that comes through Ohio upon release of this new one.