Thursday, September 13, 2007

Biomimicry Event sponsored by E4S

E4S is an amazing group that puts together events to help us achieve a greener life in NEOhio. Wish I could go to this one:

E4S Knowledge Network National Speaker Event

The Future of Design:
Biomimicry with Janine Benyus

September 25. Get the details here.

Picture 5 The real power of sustainability and triple bottom-line thinking is that it inspires innovation in design of products, processes, buildings and organizations. Many of the leaders who are putting this power to work agree that Biomimicry is the leading edge of design and Janine Benyus is its inspiring force.

Janine and her colleagues ask their clients for their toughest design challenges and turn to nature for what they call the “champion adapters.” Janine is calling for a biologist at every design table.

Multi-national companies like Dupont, GE, Herman Miller, Interface and Nike have answered the call and are among a growing list of corporate clients of the Biomimicry Guild.
Picture 6

Increasing numbers of engineers, architects, product designers, business leaders and economists from around the world
are consulting nature, and each month, new bio-inspired products, processes, and policies are announced.

Attend this event to help us plant the design strategies of Biomimicry into the region's DNA.

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