Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Night Reader

Some bits and excellent pieces in my Google Reader:

No Impact Man in the news -- riding a tricycle in NYC.

Kerry Clawson writes about the upcoming seasons for The Bang and the Clatter, and I use the plural because the company is expanding to Cleveland, mounting productions in both cities of different plays. Read the details here.

PZ Meyers has given his biology class an assignment -- they must post on his blog. Here's a neat summary given by one student about the book they've all been assigned to read, Soul Made Flesh by Carl Zimmer. It is a history of neurobiology that stretches back to ancient times. Read the comments afterwards for additional insights from the regulars at Pharyngula.

Over at the Ohio Daily Blog, you can find some exciting news about Lake Erie's potential as the first fresh water wind farm on the planet.

Terra Not Terror posts about Car Free Day, which is tomorrow. I got something about it from Adbusters on Tuesday, which was way too late for me to participate. In other words, I'm booked tomorrow and it involves driving to several sites in Akron. A month's notice, at least, people who come up with these neat-o protest/demos. In NYC tomorrow, there will be people spending the day in parking spots, having turned them into miniature parks for the day. See a picture here.

Final link of the day -- one of the best dog posts I've ever read -- courtesy of the Accidental Akronite .


Jeff said...

Thanks for this! And thanks for the link to the great dog post. : )

terra said...

These events are always promoted way too late. Car free day is much bigger in Europe, Canada, and I read that DC is having events too. We rode our bikes everywhere we went today. I hope to know about it sooner next year.