Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They are out to get Judy Hanna

Who are "they"? The Ohio Republican party is desperate to hold on to Ohio's state house. As discussed a while back, I've been receiving some nasty campaign literature attacking Judy Hanna. Today I received another full color glossy piece of crapola, desperately trying to prove that Hanna is an evil left wing activist who "Doesn't Share Our Values." That's code for -- she thinks for herself!

An anonymous Coughlin supporter found my site and left more of the same. You can read it here. Mr or Ms Anonymous isn't thinking too clearly. Attempting to smear Judy Hanna's name by attaching it to the Green Party isn't going to go over well here at the Village Green. While I am not a Green Party member, I like to think "green" when making voting decisions.

Calling Judy a radical left winger isn't going to scare me either. In fact, a nice big dose of left wing radicalism might be just the cure for all the ills brought about upon our state and nation by the radical right. It's time for a swing to the left, baby -- after that long lean over a right wing cliff we've been on for 12 years here in Ohio.

So go Judy! Go Brian Williams. Let's turn Ohio around!

By the way, I have noticed a lot of Republican campaign signs posted in yards in front of empty buildings. I wonder if they belong to Slumlords for Continued Republican Rule? I'm thinking about doing a photo essay to prove my point.


Sam's Dad said...

Thanks for the great posts regarding Judy. Your blog is well done and interesting. I will check back often. The negative campaigning and smear tactics by the Coughlin regime are what are truly deplorable.

Anonymous said...

They are doing it all over the state against anyone with a chance of winning. Mark Dansack (D) in OH 46 has had three negative mail pieces sent out within the past week. It is interesting to note that they do not fully disclose that the Republican Party is sending the message. They simply say the ORP.

Anonymous said...

Judy continues to hide from the voters her radical left wing views and her stances on issues.

With less than three weeks to go, she still hasn't presented a single new idea or specific solution to any of the things she says are important.

Good for Coughlin for calling her out and good for you for publishing confirmation that she's a radical lefty.

Village Green said...

Good buddy Anonymous --

How can you be so dense? It's not the "left wing radicals" who have dragged this state and country into the mire of corruption and class warfare.

It is the Right Wing of the Republican party who have created the mess. You aren't going to scare anybody around here with your attempts to paint candidates "red." Good heavens, that is so last century! Wake up and enjoy the view from the left for a change!

KevinBBG said...

More to the left is exactly what's needed in this country since the right has almost destroyed it with fear, greed and hate. What does the left stand for that people fear so much? Love thy Neighbor? Who was the evil radical who came up with that one?

Anonymous said...

Judy Hanna is getting what she deserves. Anyone who reads the self flagellating Anti-American piece called An Activist's Diary of Inauguration Day by Judy Hanna knows she is way out the mainstream. And why a change now? Kevin Coughlin has served our community well.

Village Green said...

"Judy gets what she deserves," says our Anonymous pal. What she gets is my vote. It is time to wrest the government of the state of Ohio away from the Republican thugs and crooks who have had their way for the past 12 years, all the while running this state into the ground.

But we can't be satisfied with a simple change of party. We must elect and then hold the ones we voted for accountable. You can't take your eyes off any elected official because they are all more or less corruptible. I happen to think Judy is less corruptible. Anyone who is capable of perceiving policy without looking through the lens of theocracy and rosy patriotism is the one for me.