Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brown's poll numbers go up up and away!

In a Survey USA poll released today, Sherrod Brown is polling 20 points ahead of Mike DeWine! Lots of folks chiming in at KOS today on the poll results -- many don't dare believe it. It was good to read some decent supporting posts this time with only one reference to Paul Hackett, beloved of so many over there.

Even so, the over-riding tone is of amazement and do we dare trust this poll response. How could that Lefty manage to pull off the upset? I think he is up by a considerable margin and that it is due to his tireless efforts campaigning all over the state of Ohio. Visit Sherrod's web page and read his itinerary -- he covers a lot of ground every day of the week. Hunt all over Mike DeWine's official campaign site and you won't find a single upcoming engagement listed anywhere. But you will find a page dedicated to his wife's cookbook. Doesn't look like there's anything she can cook up to help her husband win this one.

Meanwhile, Sherrod's been all over the main stream media -- MSNBC and Wolf Blitzer had him on, with Wolfe acting all tough and accusatory. Sherrod responded to the tired old "far left wing" label by laying out a list of contrasts with DeWine positions on the war, the economy and being on the side of the middle class. Check out the Wolf interview and marvel at Sherrod's cool and intelligent responses.

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