Friday, October 27, 2006

Local charter school support for Owens Fink

In today's ABJ, an article about state school board candidate spending reveals these very intersting facts:

Top contributors for Owens Fink include Gary L. Taylor, chairman of the telemarketing company InfoCision, $5,000, and Ann Brennan, wife of Akron entrepreneur David Brennan, $2,500. David Brennan is one of the largest operators of charter schools in the country and a major supporter of Ohio Republicans. Other notable donors include Richard Lukich of Constellation Community Schools, $250, a company that runs the charter Akron Community School; James Turner, $2,500, of the Southern Ohio energy and real estate company Duke-Cinergy; and Summit County Common Pleas Judge Brenda Burnham Unruh, $500.

Owens Fink is the state school board member who is focused on including so called "Intelligent Design" into Ohio's science curriculum. I find it very interesting that she is getting support from charter school proponents. Also, note that Gary Taylor has an "Institute for Direct Marketing" named after him and his wife at the University of Akron. He is also connected to the current sleazey Republican candidate for state auditor in a tale of Republicans rewarding Republicans.

It's not just the Republicans in office that we have to worry about. It's all their buddies on the boards of corporations, universities and corporate-run newspaper editorial boards.

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