Friday, October 06, 2006


Storm and the Balls new single Ladylike debuted at #5 on Billboard's Hot New Singles chart! Way to go! A new harder rocking version will be out at the end of the month, featuring Dave Navarro on guitar. Meanwhile, here's Storm rocking it on Rockstar:


Ebo said...

"What the what?" Ridiculous; the original version contains the best use of the word "fuck" in contemporary music; it really can't be replaced. Storm's a trouper for her ability to sell the song without the most important word -- it's like being told to recite "I wandered lonely as a cloud" without using the letter L.

BTW, it's not a "Single's" Chart. It's "Singles" Chart. When you put an apostrophe-S after a noun, you're not pluralizing it, you're creating a possessive form of the noun.

Village Green said...

Thanks for pointing out the apostrophe error. I couldn't survive without the help of the grammar fairies!

As for Ladylike, I totally agree with you. Not only is she a trouper, she obviously wants that song to be what represents her music at the moment and so committed to performing it, hobbled as it was by network "standards."