Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Questioning Kenmore

Dear Kenmore, my own village not so green:

What's going on here in the lead up to the election? Who are the best people to represent our interests? I keep hearing about a spruce-up along the boulevard, and a new branch library. But nothing ever happens. Such is Kenmore.

The smattering of Republican campaign signs indicate rampant anemia for the GOP cause this voting season. But where are the Democrats? I have signs up in my yard for Strickland, Espy and the school levy. The Brown and Hanna signs had not arrived at headquarters when I stopped by over a week ago. The signs are in now and I'm going to go get some. But I'm wondering if the ordinary working class Dems are just as disenchanted hearabouts.

Kenmore will vote the school levy down. I don't know why. By all accounts, there is a lot of civic pride in Kenmore HS and its fighting cardinals! The elementary schools are good places for kids to learn. Are we all so impoverished now that we can't afford to pay for quality education for all our kids? Think on the positive -- since our property rates are so low, we won't have to pay nearly as much in levy taxes as the rich folks on the west side.

How come Highland Square succeeds while Kenmore fades away? Why can't we be cool and hip yet still a relatively inexpensive place to live? Highland Square has been that way for decades. South Main had a brief glorious fling with coolness in the late 80s. Has Kenmore ever been cool? A question I should put to the Kenmore Historical Society. I see they meet next on October 30th. I will try to attend.

Kenmore remains less than an afterthought. Hiz honour the mayor comes from Kenmore. You'd think he might show a little bit of favoritism in getting things fixed up around here.

Go into the Acme on East Ave., and you'll see a huge wall mural depicting the life and career of Don Plusquellic. Kenmore hasn't forgotten him. But who is looking out for Kenmore?

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