Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fall canvass

The landscape is full of autumn colors. The natural yellows, oranges and reds of changing leaves competing with the bright plastic colors of the political yard signs sprouting everywhere.

I joined my first canvass today. Such a pleasant day for a walk! Most people were not at home or not answering their doors, but I did get to talk to quite a few friendly strangers. Only one man shooed me away without a word. He was mowing his lawn and I probably should not have even attempted to make contact. A man and his lawnmower are seldom willingly separated.

Some people told me they were voting straight Democrats. They looked very determined when they said it too! An old man in his 80s told me "we have to get rid of the cowboy." He said he didn't need a ride to vote. He was going to walk there.

Later I stopped to pick up some things at The Mustard Seed. A young woman behind the bakery counter asked me why she should vote for Sherrod Brown. She noticed my Sherrod buttons (both new -- one has a fine color photo of Sherrod and the other says "Women for Sherrod") and said she didn't know much about him. So I offered a few reasons why I am voting for him and we had quite a good conversation. (Note to self: don't take off buttons now through the election!)

Buckeye State Blog posted my favorite anti-Dewine commercial today, so I followed their lead to YouTube and post it here for everybody's continued viewing pleasure:

And from, check out this article on the oil industry's ties to the ruling government and republicans in particular:

In the current election cycle, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that donations from the oil industry and its employees are running 83 percent in favor of Republicans, which is the most pronounced slant by the oil industry—and possibly the most pronounced in any industry—ever.

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