Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cold Blows the Wind Over Akron

Snow appeared today. It didn't stick around, but the cold temps are here over night and on into the weekend. I picked the last of the green beans yesterday. Plucked the remaining green tomatoes and have wrapped them in newspaper, which is supposed to be a way to ripen them. I will report on the experiment as they either ripen or rot.

The levy campaign kicked off today in downtown Akron. Hizzoner the mayor wasn't in attendance. Important business in Columbus is the word. What that business is is anybody's guess. Our mayor travels a lot. Maybe that's why he forgets to check if the Steam Heat plant has paid its bills.

I have 26 days to make up my mind who to vote for in the local elections. I'm not happy with the local Democratic party machine. The question is, how much more unhappy would I be with a Republican machine? Which is just what the local Dems want me to think. We need fresh blood around here and some sort of vision that is more than a slogan. Akron 2025 doesn't do it for me. Lofty words about a "medical tech corridor" to be built along the route of a torn down innerbelt. Luxury lofts going up at Northside. Too little too late?

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Anonymous said...

Destroying the Innerbelt is a great waste of money. I use it every day to get downtown and my coworkers absolutely hate the idea. It just shows how out of touch Plusquellic is these days.