Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Local issues, local candidates

I know who I'm voting for at the state level and I know how I'm voting on the statewide issues. Seven days til the election and I need to figure out the local issues and candidates.

I do know that I will vote yes for the schools and the zoo.

What else should I be voting for or against?

I'm not sure about the city council or the county council candidates. There are some Summit county issues that I need to look at before I enter the booth. Looks like I've got some homework to do. Odd how the closer it is to home, the farther removed I feel from the process.

I'm looking for local recommendations. Help me do my homework! Who's going to represent my best interest here in Kenmore? And what about the Democratic stranglehold on county and city government?

Are there any local progressive candidates around worth supporting? Who is interested in making Akron a healthier place to live? Judy Hanna is the only one I've heard campaigning on environmental issues. We need people to stand up for a greener way of living here in Akron.

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