Monday, October 23, 2006

Mike DeWine's Halloween Ad

This is the scariest political ad of the season. I wonder where the ad agency dug up this cast of attack grannies? It begins with warm grandmotherly testaments to Mike DeWine -- one has known him for over 30 years and the other says he is a decent man. Those are the only two positives given as to why one should vote for DeWine. That's all the time there is for pleasantries -- the grannies get mean and imply that Sherrod Brown does not support senior citizens. This is such a huge joke, I can't stop from laughing. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Sherrod Brown works tirelessly on behalf of seniors.

I'm trying to imagine what older Ohio women think when they view this ad. Do they identify with these nasty harpies? The tone of voice, the glint of poison in the eyes are perfect Halloween performances. I especially like the dramatic rendering of the final line:

"Sherrod Brown, I just don't trust you!"

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