Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Night Sort Thru

What a glorious day today here in NE Ohio! The sky was a perfect blue, while the sun brightened everybody's mood. I was out in the garden early, attacking the weeds before they could wrap themselves around and choke various perennials. Last week's rain and today's warm rays made the soil perfect for weed pulling.

All over the city, folks were out in their yards and gardens: mowing, playing, listening to the Indians win another game. The weather finally feels like baseball.

Didn't put much time in online today. Sometimes, one needs to take a break from the rush of current events and continuing Bush regime scandals. I did happen across a blog I had not seen before. It is an official Akron Public Schools blog, with topics posted for discussion. What an excellent idea!

Reading through the Dress Code and Uniform comments, I was dismayed to see so many who want to impose uniformity and conformity on both students and teachers. It still freaks me out that adults get so bent out of shape by various forms of teenage dress. Come on, people! Kids will wear clothes to annoy adults. It is inevitable. The more you try to control their appearance, the more they will rebel. Remember long hair and bell bottoms?

I fought the dress code for years at my school. In those days, girls were kept in their proper places by the rule of skirts for all. No pants, no way. Sit properly with skirts at appropriate length. Keep those knees together, girls. Boys couldn't wear jeans because -- the rivets on the back of their Levi's might scratch the chairs! Nowadays, the fuss is over revealed midriffs and droopy pants. Don't we have more serious problems to deal with other than clothing?

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