Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More on Pet Food Recall

From The Globe and Mail, we find out that Menu Foods CFO sold half his stocks just before the recall of tainted wheat gluten products was announced.

Additional brands of pet foods were also added to the recall list today, including some Nutro and Royal Canin brands. Check here for the updated lists.

Looking for a list of pet foods NOT on the recall list? Check here.

Websites chock full of information regarding pet food:

DailyKos Diary by SusanHu: Menu Foods CFO Dumped Stock Before Recall Announced [UPDATED]

Itchmo, a Seattle area website for pet care, with pertinent information on the pet food recall.

An interesting article by Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM, on feline diabetes connected to cat food, including a look at cat evolution and a history of the pet food industry here.

Reading through all these sites tonight, it becomes clear that the pet food industry from day one has been all about making profits from animal waste matter without any controls or oversight. It is tragic that pets had to die in order for us to see through all the commercial BS (think miniature wagon trains and tail wagging puppies on your TV screen).

Senator Durbin is holding a hearing on the pet food scandal Thursday April 12 at 2 PM EDT. Check to see if it will be shown on C-Span.


KevinBBG said...

Thanks for all your links on pet food, very enlightening. I can't believe I've never looked into this before, despite being a natural researcher and having cats that I consider family members for the last 22 years. Anyway, turns out my vet sells Wellness and they also had free samples of Evo, a totally grain free, high protein dry cat food. I gave them the Wellness canned food last night and they both took one look at it, then looked at me like I was guilty of something and walked away. They did like the Evo, though! I'll have to keep trying, found a local pet store that has some good brands.

Village Green said...

I changed my cat's food to Wellness a week ago. He has not thrown up once in that time. I am feeling so stupid and guilty about this. When I first got him, he couldn't hold down anything at all until I tried the Science Diet Hairball dry kibble. But he still threw up hair balls regularly. I thought Science Diet was "the best money could buy" and I was so wrong.

Good luck with your cats -- they deserve the best that will keep them healthy all life long.

KevinBBG said...

So far no luck with any of the wet foods, but they like the Evo dry food which is grain free and high protein. I keep a bowl of dry food out all the time for them to snack on as they please then feed them small amounts of wet food morning and evening. This gives then a wide variety, and getting rid of the old, grain-rich dry food should be a BIG improvement.

Philip Grant's Daughter said...

Great picture of happy dog in the snow. Cat's a charmer too.

sab said...

Great picture of the huskador retriever. (What a great breeed name.) I have a lab/border collie/maybe mix. Any ideas what to call her? Loyal and bright like a lab, bossy and nosy like a border collie. Not mention STARING at everyone like a border collie.

My sister used to have five cats of various ages, mostly around age 15+. Four of them died this year, quite suddenly, of kidney failure. She's down to one cat, who is a bit short in the personality department. Among the cats she lost was one totally cool old guy who has been playing fetch (with beer bottle caps) for fifteen years.

Maybe it's a coincidence, but I have a bad feeling about her cat food. Four cats in one year, all with kidney failure?

(Not in Ohio. In New England.)