Friday, April 27, 2007

Personal stuff

When I began this blog last summer, I wanted it to be a place where I could think about things "out loud" and I especially wanted to think about things other than my day job. I'm a teacher, and at night I want to play with the adults. Like working in the garden, blogging has become both a release and a discipline.

As much as one may try to keep separate spheres going, there's bound to be overlap. I found it impossible to maintain a secret identity, for example. Everybody wants their friends to read their blogs, and friends tell friends and so it grows. Here's a blog item about what I do, for those who might be curious, courtesy of Kerry Clawson. Thanks for the write-up! Kerry was the theatre critic at the Akron Beacon Journal until the hideous down-sizing that began last year. Some of my early blogging was focused on the loss of the full time theatre beat. Kerry was assigned to the role of The Mad Shopper. That title is enough to make any self-respecting enviro-feminist gag!

Anyway, Kerry persevered in her love for theatre writing, and began her own blog which lead to her contributing additional reviews for the Beacon. Kerry tells me she has moved on from the Shopping beat to editing with theatre reviews on the side.

Another sort of overlapping of real life and blogosphere tonight as I had the good fortunate to meet Pho and his family at a school event. I must admit, it is difficult to adjust to the real face superseding that incredible portrait posted on his blog! Sorry there wasn't time for much more than how-do-you-do, but I have a feeling we'll be meeting up at more of these things over time.

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Pho said...

Good meeting you as well. I look forward to more face time.