Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Grandmother's Video to leave downtown Akron

Dave Blewette of Grandmother's Video is packing up his antique televisions and his museum of television memorabilia. His video production services will continue, we are pleased to find out. But the storefront next to the Main library will no longer house him or his amazing collection.

I've known Dave for many years and have spent many late nights in his place hanging out with a lot of interesting folks who found their way there. Grandmother's video was the unofficial after hours gathering place for major events as well as underground happenings downtown. Dave and his camera have recorded hours and hours of local culture. He has an amazing collection of local bands and performance artists appearing at clubs long closed but well remembered. From the Ohio Ballet to Akron First Night to late nights at the Bauhaus, Dave has captured the artistic impulses that have flourished in this city over the last three decades.

The good news is that the Akron Public Library will be receiving a rich trove of his video work for its local archives. Looking for rare footage of Third Plane at the Bauhaus? You will undoubtedly find it in Dave's collection, along with Sockeye, and Theatre of Sorts and much much more.

Dave displayed his collection for the public last year in a non-profit format he called The TV Dinner Club. Some of his NE Ohio television items can be seen at Lock III. Think Captain Penny, Ghoulardi, Dorothy Fuldheim, Woodrow the Woodsman and Barnaby. Dave continues to look for appropriate venues to display and house his amazing

You can still tour Grandmother's studio online here. Dave's creative video work includes the ground-breaking series It Came From Akron, experimental television that appeared on early local Akron cable television.

Dave is clearing the last out of his studio this weekend and is having a huge rummage sale. Contact info is here. There's no telling what interesting things might be up for sale.

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